Odaptix: Conversations - S1 E2 Organizational Culture

Part 2 of 2: Odaptix COO, Andrew Schweiger and Mr. Michael Walshe continue their discussion on Organizational Culture with host, Landon Riley

Organizational Culture: Generational Perspectives of Wisdom, Experience and Youth - Part 2

Odaptix COO, Andrew Schweiger and Podcast Host, Odaptix Operations Manager, Landon Riley welcome global resilience coach, Mr. Michael Walshe continue their discussion on Organizational Culture, and the importance of being a cognizant, well-versed leader.


Reflecting on their different career paths and experiences, Mr. Walshe and Mr. Schweiger are able to narrow down the best approaches a leader can take when it comes to managing M&As and large change initiatives.

Things get personal when Host Landon Riley joins in to query about strategies a less-senior employee can take to make the most of their working situation (even when they get caught up in the midst of it all).

As the group nails down the importance of personability in leadership, find out what some leaders continue to lack and ignore - even to the detriment of their careers and organizations - despite the writing being plainly on the wall.


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