Introducing Our New Podcast: Odaptix: Conversations - S1 E1 Organizational Culture

Odaptix COO, Andrew Schweiger and Mr. Michael Walshe from his company's London, UK headquarters - three generations examine organizational culture.

Organizational Culture: Generational Perspectives of Wisdom, Experience and Youth - Part 1

Odaptix COO, Andrew Schweiger and Podcast Host, Odaptix Operations Manager, Landon Riley welcome global resilience coach, Mr. Michael Walshe directly from his company's London, UK headquarters as three generations examine organizational culture from three different angles.


Centering around the meaurement of organizational culture and its impact on financial performance, podcast guests engage in a unique cross-generational (and trans-national) discussion around its impact on financial returns as well an employees day-to-day organizational life for professionals.

From leadership to assessment all the way to perception, the group has quite diverse views on various facets of culture and how it has impacted them and their organizations.

But.... Watch until the end when they realize that maybe they're not as different as they thought...

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